Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Dorf Crossed Over

Dorf crossed over the bridge on Friday, September 10, 2015. Maw was at the PSI Pet Sitter's Convention in Myrtle Beach, SC when Dorf threw a blood clot which caused him to lose all feeling for the lower half of his body. Luckily, Paw was at home watching after all of the cats and found Dorf howling and carrying on, so Paw rushed him to Dr. Stevenson and found out what had happened. Since we had lost Reno a couple of months back when he threw a blood clot, and then had a heart attack, we decided it was time to let the ol' boy go. Dorf had no teeth, was blind, had horrible arthritis in his hocks and was on pain killers, and had developed fluid around his lungs. He was a favorite of this household and is missed very much.

Luf, All of us at Forty Paws

Friday, December 26, 2014

Secret Paws!!!!

We opened our Secret Paws yesterday, on Chrissymouse Day! What a great time we had!!!! You can see by all of the pictures that we were enjoying this nip festival!!! It came all the way from England, and everything was written in German on the packages, but Paw was able to read it because he took German in school!!! So, anyways, we received this totally awesome package from Katzenworld!!!!   We are totally impressed with the nip/valerian festival that they sent to us!!! We even love the box!!!!

Here is Dorf smelling the toys in the box!
This is Orinch playing with one of the toys, and Madeline playing with another toy, and you can barely see her, but Midnight, the black kitty, is at the top right hand side playing with a toy wrapper!

Orinch really loves the Christmas toy, and Midnight is at the upper center, and to the right of Midnight is Misty, and then G.T. on the bottom right.

Here is Orinch with the Christmas toy, and Misty is smelling it, and Midnight is playing with the tiger striped toy, and G.T. and Dorf are watching.

Madeline joins in on the festivities here.

Madeline is laying in the box, while Misty and Dorf are watching her.

Sally is having a smelling feast here!
And here is a good photo of Midnight, who has been playing with the mice that were sent in the package. She plays and plays and plays with the mice until she gets to panting from all of the activity, and then she plays some more! She totally loves these mice!

We are so very very very happy with our Secret Paws package!!!!!!!!!

G.T., Dorf, Smokey, Sally, Reno, Orinch, Midnight, Misty, Marmalade, and Madeline

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all!

G.T., Dorf, Smokey, Sally, Reno, Orinch, Madeline, Midnight, Misty and Marmalade

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Dorf and G.T.'s 14th Purrfday!

Today is Dorf and G.T.'s 14th Purrfday! They are so excited!

Here is the food! Grab whatever you want! Maw will replenish frequently, so take lots of food and drinks! 

We also have the catio, with lots of places to lounge. It will be about 90F today, so grab a perch and hang outside for a bit. Then come inside and grab one of the many hammocks and take a siesta. Also, we will have a great game of hanging from the ceiling. And there are tons of toys, and lots of primo nip to get into as well.

Luf, Us

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Foster Kitties!

Ay yi yi! Maw has gotten foster kitties. We can not believe this! We told her NO MORE CATS at this house! So what does she do? She gets ahold of some foster kitties. We were down to 24 paws. Now we are back up to 44 paws! And she trapped a tortie that she has been feeding in the back yard. Can you believe this???? Thank goodness there are enough rooms in this house that they are all locked away and can't interfere with OUR lives.

Here are the kitties. All suckling on this plush cat tree cushion. They are Midnight, Marmalade, Misty, and Madeline.

Luf, Us